What is the title of the film? "The Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear"
Who is the director of the film?Barry Levinson
Who is the producer?Steven Spielberg
And who is the writer of the screenplay? Chris Columbus
Who created the original characters of this story? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
When was this film released? In 1985
How many awards did it get? Nominated for an Oscar(Best visual effects) It won a Saturn Award-Best Music
Who played the roles of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?Nicholas Rowe and Alan Cox
             Let's remember facts about the film:
When is the story developed? Victorian times
What musical instrument is Sherlock trying to learn how to play at the beginning? A violin
How long has he been trying to learn to play it so far? For 3 days
What name does Sherlock suppose for Watson? James instead of John
What colour is the bear in the puzzle? White
Why is it strange that there is a girl at the school? It's a school for boys
What's the girl's name? Eizabeth
What's the dog's name? Uncas
What sport does Sherlock excel in ? Fencing
What is the first challenge to Sherlock Holmes we see on this film?60 minutes to find a hidden trophy
Whre was the trophy? Inside a vase
Why is Sherlock expelled from school? For cheating
Where is he going to go after that? To his brother's house
Elizabeth's uncle is killed,what did he say to Sherlock before dying? Eh Tar
What did Watson find on the floor after that? A blow pipe
What is Rame Tep? A religious sect that follows the God of Osiris
What is the symbol of Rame Tep? Two golden serpents
What was the meaning of Ehtar? Rathe, the teacher's name backwards.
Sherlock and Watson went flying after Elizabeth, what time was in the Tower Clock? Nearly half past twelve
At the end of the film Sherlock was using three typical items in all Sherlock Holmes' stories: The cap, the cloak and the ...???.... (a gift from Watson) A pipe

Where is he from? From Edimburg, Scotland
When was he born?22 May 1859
He was a writer and he was also physician, doctor
How many stories about Sherlock Holmes did he write? 4 novels and 56 short stories (60)
What was the title of the first story? In 1887 he published A Study in Scarlet,
Who inspired the character traits of the famous Sherlock Holmes? The character traits of Sherlock Holmes were inspired by Dr. Joseph Bell, one of the teachers at the medical school of Edinburgh University.