1.   When did the middle ages start, and when did they end?
_________ CE - ___________ CE (CE stands for Common Era and basically means the same thing as AD.)
2.. Around 900 CE, a new form of government called ____________________________ was formed.

3. In the feudal system, everyone was a vassal. What does the term vassal mean? _____________

4. The feudal system was based on a pyramid. At the bottom we find ______________,  the next layer up were ________________, the next layer up were _________________. The ____________ was at the top.
5. Who made up the nobility? _____________________, _____________________, _____________________ and _____________________

6. What's a fief? ______________________

7.  During the middle ages, noblewomen or Ladies had no rights. They were the _________________ of their husbands. They could not even chose their own husbands; their _____________ chose for them.

8. ___________________ did not go to school. They were taught by their mother how to behave and there was a strict code of behavior in the middle ages.
9. The common people in the middle ages were the _____________ and the ______________.

10. The _______________ could not leave the manor without permission, but they weren't slaves. They stayed with the land even if the lad was sold to a new owner.

11. The ________________ were free to leave the manor, but usually didn't because there really was no place for them to go.

12. How did the commoners pay their taxes to the lord?____________________________

13. Could most of the common people read or write? _________
cause there really was no place for them to go.ouble click to edit
14. What was a knight? ___________________

15.  At what age did the sons of noblemen begin their training for knighthood? _____________________

16. At age 15, he became a ___________ and was assigned to a knight to learn how to fight and behave.

17. Once a squire proved himself in battle, he became a __________.

18. Knights had to follow an elaborate code of conduct called __________

19. Every Knight is identified by his ______________, patterns and colours shown in his shield.
20. Knights used ______________ in their hands to protect  themselves in a fight. They used __________________ to protect their bodies, they were ususally made of thousands of interlinked ________________________.

21. Gunpowder was started to be used aroumd ______________
22.  ________________ were public contests of skill between knights. Anyone could enter if they had armor, a horse, a sword, and a shield.

23. The _____________ was a form of combat between two knights in which the knights rode on horses and tried to knock each other off their horse using a lance.

24. The _____________ was a team sport with knights and squires in which each side tried to knock their opponent's colored flags off their backs, using clubs and blunt swords

25. By winning a tournament, knights could win  ________________.