Did you like watching this film?
Inventive, gorgeously animated, and powerfully moving,
Inside Out is another outstanding addition to the Pixar library of modern animated classics.
You can use the links or try to find more information on your own so as to answer the following questions.
Let's start:
Wikia website: film information
Film review and critics (Rotten tomatoes)
Wikipedia: film information
Pixar: film information
Who is the director of the film?
Who is the producer?
When was this film released?
Where is the film set? 
Who was the writer of the story?

How many awards did it get?
What's the name of the girl?
How old is the girl at the beginning?
What are the five emotions in this film?
Where does Riley live at the beginning?
Where and why does she have to move with her parents?
Where do emotions live??
What are the most important memories called?
What are the five Islands of Riley's Personality?
What is the purpose of Joy?
What is the purpose of Sadness?
What is the purpose of Fear? 
What is the purpose of Disgust? 
What is the purpose of Anger?
Who was Bing Bong?
How old is Riley at the end of the film?
And now match the adjectives below to the feelings in the movie Inside Out: Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness
afraid alarmed annoyed bitter blue cheerful
cross delighted depressed eager envious ecstatic
frightened furious glad gloomy grumpy homesick
irritated miserable nasty scary sick upset worried
Then choose the right adjectives in the following sentences:
1. I'm i
rritated/ eager/ upset to show you my new laptop. I love it!
2. Mum was so
delighted / homesick / cross with me when she saw that my room was really untidy.
3. Karl is always
envious / afraid / grumpy in the morning. He doesn't like talking to anybody.
4. Rainy days make many people feel
blue / furious / scary.
5. Erin felt
ecstatic / gloomy / frightened when she split up with her boyfriend.
6. I'm really
worried / miserable/ cheerful about my exams results. The last one was so hard!
7. My friend is
depressed / envious / eager of my success. She always wants to be the best!
8.Tom was absolutely
upset / delighted / worried with my birthday present. He smiled and thanked.
9. People in Paris are really
bitter / alarmed / glad with the terrorist attacks.
10.Fiona is a
bitter / cheerful / homesick old neighbour of mine. She can't stand children!
Finally, describe the characters of the five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger