What is the original title of the film?
Who is the director of the film?
Can you name a famous star from this film?
When was this film released? 
What is new in this film at that time?
Who was the writer of the adventures of Tintin and where is he from? 
The film is based on 3 books , which ones?

How many prizes did it get?
What's the dog's name?
What's Tintin's job?
What did Tintin buy at the street market?
What's the name of the ship?
Where did Tintin find information about the ship and its history?
Who was the last Captain of the ship?
How many brothers were mentioned in the hidden note that Tintin found?
What are the detectives' names?
What is the "Milanese Nightingale"?
What has Captain Haddock lost?
Can you tell me the pickpocket's name? What does he collect?
What did Tintin use as fuel for the plane?
Who was a big enemy of Sir Francis Haddock?